One of the reasons of the potential destabilization in the South Caucasus can be a direct military confrontation between Israel and Iran. The administration of the White House also shows its determination to deter and degrade Iran.

The current US media strategy also demonstrates that supporting by Washington’s strategists Israel is ready to use any means to put pressure on Iran. There is no doubt that the potential direct military confrontation implies involving Armenia and Azerbaijan in the anti-Iranian plans of Washington and Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, the statements of the Armenian leadership on the desirability of stimulating Armenian-Israeli relations seem strange. Moreover, everyone knows about the continued rapprochement between Baku and Tel Aviv.

Israel is the country arming Azerbaijan. Israeli specialists are training and re-training Azerbaijani soldiers. In political and military aspects in recent years, Israel has pursued a one-sided pro-Azerbaijani policy. Israeli-Azerbaijani friendship is based on deep interests.

The deepening of bilateral relations also contributes to the Jewish community of Azerbaijan. The Israeli organizations, synagogues, and the media are active in Azerbaijan.

A special place in this cooperation is occupied by the energy sector. Israel imports from Azerbaijan up to 45% of all oil necessary for domestic needs. In addition, multi-billion dollar military treaties have been signed between the countries. Israel became the second largest Azerbaijan’s partner in the field of military-technical cooperation. This country continues to see Azerbaijan as a springboard for deterring Iran in the region.

Tehran pays close attention to any contacts between Baku and Tel Aviv, especially when they are carried out by the representatives of military departments and special services of the two countries.

If Yerevan tries to influence on Baku by establishing a trustful dialogue with the Israelis, the attitude of the Iranians to this will be extremely negative. And spoiled relations with Iran does not augur well when there are absolutely elusive today’s prospects of reorienting Israel from Azerbaijan to itself.

Thus, it’s not the time for qualitative changes in Israel-Armenia relations. The situation on the borders and in the region as a whole is not favorable to roll the dice this way.