Armed rebel groups in southwestern Syria have demonstrated a range of new artillery systems against Syrian army-led forces. The impact these new weapons have on the battlefield was shown off in a recently released propaganda video, Al-Masdar News reports.

The video, produced by the media arm of the Daraa-based Bunyan al-Marsous operations room, shows two new artillery systems built by Free Syrian Army engineers.

The first new system appears to a pickup truck mounted with a mine clearance charge salvaged from a Russian built UR-77 Meteorit thrower system. According to a video, the powerful explosion delivered by the system is capable of leveling a neighborhood block.

The second new weapon unrelieved by rebel forces is a homemade ‘Omar’ tactical rocket, which delivers a explosive punch somewhere within the 500 kilogram yield range.

All attacks against pro-government forces by militant artillery systems shown in the video are linked to renewed clashes in the city of Daraa – more specifically, in the heavily contested district of Al-Manshiyyah.