Marshal of the Polish Senate Stanisław Karczewski is paying an official visit to Georgia. He met the Speaker of Georgian Parliament Irakli Kobakhidze, after which the sides made the statements for the press.

“Poland is the NATO and EU member state and not only the member but a very important co-participant of these organizations, and hence, support of Poland to EU and NATO integration of Georgia is particularly crucial for Georgia,” Kobakhidze said.

He thanked his Polish counterpart for support and noted that the visit of the Marshal will facilitate further development of the bilateral relations.

“We can declare that 2019 is the historical year in terms of Poland-Georgia relations. This year, we held the first joint Parliamentary Assembly between Poland and Georgia, which serves as an effective mechanism for further development of our relations,” the speaker added.

The Marshal reaffirmed his support to Georgia and underlined that Poland will assist Georgia in its Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

“Poland was, is and will always be the Ambassador of Georgia and supporter of Georgia’s NATO and EU integration. Poland is the key advocate of Georgia in this process. It is crucial to underline the importance of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia not only for the security of the region but for the world in the bilateral and multilateral relations”,  he noted.

Stanisław Karczewski also had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze.

The meeting discussed various aspects and prospects of bilateral cooperation and the two countries’ cooperation within international organizations.

Special emphasis during the meeting was placed on the economic cooperation and trade and sectoral relations between the two countries. The parties singled out the positive trade dynamic and the need fully to tap into the area’s potential, also the role of the two countries’ Intergovernmental Economic Commission, which is scheduled to hold its next meeting in June. The establishment of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Georgia was commended.

The parties discussed the significant cultural and educational ties between the two countries. As the meeting pointed out, the Polish Institute, recently established in Georgia, further promotes deeper Georgia-Poland cultural relations.


By Thea Morrison