Majority MP Akaki Zoidze, who chairs the Parliament’s Healthcare and Social Issues Committee, has decided to quit the Parliament and politics in general. 

“I have failed to persuade my colleagues to shift to the proportional electoral system. I think that was the way to move towards a constructive framework of consent and politics. I could not convince my colleagues to hold a plebiscite or a referendum, so I can no longer see my place in politics, ” he said.

He is ready to advise the ruling team in the field of healthcare, in which he has a big experience.

On November 22, he offered the chairperson of the Georgian Dream and the political council to hold a referendum or plebiscite on the issue of switching to the proportional electoral system.  

After the majority meeting at the Georgian Dream office on November 25, it was reported that according to the ruling party’s decision, the parliamentary elections in 2020 would still be held in a mixed system.  

By Ana Dumbadze